David Wild: born and reared in England, has gardened from the age of five (just like Queen Victoria’s children!). He graduated from Nottingham University with a B.S. in Agriculture and Horticulture, and has worked on English and German farms, gardens, and vineyards.
Self employed in the U.S. since 1992 and an active El Paso County C.S.U. Cooperative Extension Master Gardener. He has taught classes for the Extension service and for the Landscape Technician Degree Program at PPCC. David is a member of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC).

Pat Peret-Wild: M.S.W., also came from a gardening family in Maryland and Missouri. She has gardened in Colorado since 1978. She studied at the English Garden School and with the El Paso County Master Gardener Program. Her specialty is plant types, varieties, and combinations.

Wild Workers:
Christopher Kennedy

Office Manager / Project Manager:
Joe Ingram

Miriam Roth Ballard 

Crew Leaders:
Bob Springer, C.G. (Colorado Gardener)
Joan Norris, C.G. (Colorado Gardener)
Stefanie Jones, C.G. (Colorado Gardener)

Lead Gardeners:
Shaylynn Hill

Trevor Paskavich